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Bird Shop

Feeding the birds not only helps the birds survive in your neighborhood but can provide year-round entertainment. As an added benefit, birds help control insect populations in your yard and nurture a connection to nature for all ages. Russell's offers a large variety of top quality seed mixes. The seed blends we carry are favorites of all the local species of birds - from smaller birds like finches, wrens and chickadees, to the larger cardinals, blue jays, and even woodpeckers. For variety, why not offer your bird visitors suet (especially during the winter months), seed cakes and meal worms. Bird baths are essential to sustain your bird population year-round. We have specialty feeders to help you attract orioles, hummingbirds and bluebirds among others. You'll be surprised how many feathered visitors you attract to your feeders!

For Bird Shop questions call 508-358-2283 X410


(products are seasonal, availability changes regularly)

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