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Plant Shop

Russell’s carries top-quality vegetable, herb and flower seeds, including Renee's Garden, Livingston Seed, Botanical Interests, High Mowing Organic Seeds, and Burpee. Seed starting trays, kits, heat mats, grow lights, and organic potting soil developed for starting seeds. Our knowledgeable staff is available for questions and answers to all of your gardening needs. 

We have beautiful pots for your indoor plants, as well as large ceramic and clay pots for outdoor use. We also carry standard clay and plastic in all sizes, as well as plant stands, saucers, and plant caddies.

The Plant Shop is the place to find all your houseplant care needs, from organic seaweed fertilizers, MiracleGro, insect and fungus remedies. We stock everything you need to create your own terrarium, succulent, or fairy garden.



We have a tremendous selection of bulbs three seasons a year. Spring time brings annual begonias and unique specimens to be started inside. Spring dahlia bulbs both large and small, elephant ears and other novelties can be planted directly in your garden as the threat of frost passes around memorial day. For those cheery spring daffodils, colorful tulips, and round impressive alliums stop by in the fall. These favorites, along with many other spring blooms, need to be planted in the fall. We recommend bulb fertilizer to enhance your spring gardens. 

In the Winter/Late Fall, stop by for Amaryllis and Paperwhites. We offer loose bulbs, gift kits, and already blooming bulbs.



(products are seasonal, availability changes regularly)

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